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Become a part of Vintage Parkway PTA

It's that time of year for our annual Vintage Parkway PTA Membership Drive. Our PTA helps support programs in your children's classrooms and our school. Your support helps make programs possible which make a stronger school.

Membership per family is only $10. If you have more than one child specify that all of your children will get credit for your $10 donation. Remember, anyone can join to support this worthwhile organization…parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, community members, business owners, etc.

 Please help us in enriching your child’s educational experience through the PTA Programs at Vintage Parkway. Your support means more than ever as our teachers and administrators struggle to provide the materials and experiences every child deserves. Remember the greater we are in number, the greater voice. 


Upcoming PTA Update

Our Winter Wonderland Event is December 1st. Get your tickets for this great family fun night. There will be a crafts, games to play and food to enjoy. Click event flyer to see more information.





Thank you to all who supported our fundraisers. We have much to be thankful for when we work together to benefit our school and children's education. Thank you parents.



Our new Vintage PTA board is excited to implement many plans for our school. We always welcome your help and ideas. Come to our next meeting and be a part of our Vintage PTA family.


Your thoughts, ideas and efforts make a huge difference for our students and school. Look forward to seeing you at our future meetings in room 23. 


Future Meeting Dates:

January 11th @ 7pm

March 1st @ 7pm

May 3rd @ 7pm



Thank you for your support!

PTA Links

Find more information on our PTA Facebook Link








PTA Board

Officers / Board Members


President:                    Michelle Pimentel

Vice President:             Lilianne Brooks

Secretary:                   Melissa Mitchell

Treasurer:                    Lis Dunn

Fundraising chair &       Danielle Eastman

Community Liason:        Briana Wood

Health:                         Veronica Houck

Historian:                     Tamarra Billin

Auditor:                        Alex Harvey

Hospitality:                   Cindi Canning

Membership:                 Brittany Sepulveda

Teacher Liason:             Kathy Reinders

Box Top Coordinator:    Amber Swantkowski

Room Representative & Patti Memory

Coordinators:                Nicole Shaw

Photographer:               Mrs. Fortney

Communications:            Lilianne Brooks 

                                     Mrs. Fortney