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We're buzzing about the 3 RRR's: Reading, Reading, and  More Reading. After you buzz  over to our library, and select your new reading adventure, which will delight you and you'll treasure for a lifetime, look up the book's level with the A/R Book Finder link above. 

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Library Policies

              Bee a Reader

About our Library                                                                                     

We are very proud of the library at Vintage Parkway School. Our library has over 14,000 books and enjoy adding to our collection.  All our classes enjoy scheduled visits to search and check out books for recreational and educational reading.

Bee's are our theme this year,  “Be one with the reading force and Read!”, and we want to "Get Hooked on Reading". 

To help students use our resources effectively we have a few library rules. Please go over these rules with your child.

Parents along with their child are responsible for their borrowed library books to be returned on time.  We do not charge any fines for overdue library books, however, if a book is lost or damaged, you and your child are responsible for the replacement cost of the book. The average cost of a library book is about $20.00. Please help your child find a safe place to keep library books at home. Your child’s teacher will let you know about the class’ scheduled library times so that you can help remember due dates.

Library rules are:

  • Use a soft inside voice when you are in the library.
  • Treat our books carefully. Do not bend pages. Use a shelf marker.
  • Polite classroom behavior required at all times in the library.
  • Bring your books back on time! Remember your class library day.
  • Enjoy the books you check out. Try to read the entire book.
  • Take good care of your library books. Find a safe place for it at home.

Checkout Policy:

Books may be checked out for one week. It can be renewed but your child must bring the book in to be renewed. Students may check out books before and after school, as well as during their scheduled class visit. 

Kindergarten           One book, for extra class time reading

First Grade              One book

Second Grade         One book

Third Grade             Two books

Fourth Grade           Two books

Fifth Grade              Three books


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California Young Reader Medal

Book Nominees for: 2019-2020 

Library Mission Statement

The purpose of the Vintage Parkway School Library is to ensure that all Vintage Parkway students become effective and responsible users and creators of ideas and information so that they may become independent, lifelong learners, and to foster in all students a love of reading and literature.

Because School Libraries Empower Students

The 2019 theme is: Flip for Reading Knowledge

Using reading power to build successful students through the love of reading.

At Vintage we celebrate the essential role that a strong school library program plays in developing and transforming strong readers. 

Library Happenings

This month our reading adventures have taken our younger students to the world of reptiles. We've been studying their unique characteristics and focused on the largest lizard, the Komodo Dragon, from Indonesia. We've used our globe to find where it lives. It lives between the panda bears in China, and the kangaroos in Australia.


Our older students have been focusing on kindness, and learned the endless effect it has, like a stone causing an endless ripple in water. So to is our kind deeds and actions.  We have been reading Each Kindness.


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