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School Site Council

What is School Site Council? 

School Site Council meets 5 times per year. The purpose of the Site Council is to serve as the foundation for actively involving the school community and parents/guardians in designing learning goals and making school-wide decisions that enhance the educational experiences of our students.  This team reviews and evaluates the Comprehensive Safe School Plan annually prior to submission to the Board of Education for approval.  Significantly, this group is also responsible for approving and allocating the school’s Title I budget.  Site Council may, at its discretion, form subcommittees.  At this time, there is a Governance and Safety subcommittee.

Site Council Meeting Dates

Upcoming School Site Council Meetings

April 6, 2021 - Tuesday 3:00-3:30 PM Meeting on WebEx, Click the following WebEx link to be announced, or

enter manually:


May 4, 2021 - Tuesday • 3:00 PM Online WebEx School Site Council Meeting