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Principal's Message

Hello Vintage Families,

For the bi-weekly pick-up/drop-off of student materials this Weds. 12/9, it does apply to ALL grade levels this week.  We have a little something extra this week in the Distribution Day envelope or baggie for every 1st and 4th grader!  The PTA is wrapping up this year’s membership drive, and the two grade levels that won this year’s membership contest for highest participation are the 1st and 4th grades!  Way to go!  All students in these grades will be receiving a certificate for a free “dolphin size” Polar Bear Rolled Ice Cream from our local shop at 2581 Main St.  Thank you all for joining the PTA this year, and if you haven’t yet joined, there is still time.  Please consider joining the PTA this year at the $15 level.

  • Kindergarten: please follow your teacher’s instructions, as all teachers have items for pick-up but only some have drop-off’s
  • 1st grade: Please bring back any and ALL “Read on Your Own” books that you have; there will be items for pickup
  • 2nd grade: Please bring back “Read on Your Own” Book 9 only and any other materials indicated by your teacher; there will be items for pickup
  • 3rd grade: nothing to drop-off; there will be items for pick-up
  • 4th grade: nothing to drop-off; there will be items for pick-up
  • 5th grade: nothing to drop-off; there will be items for pick-up
  • Mrs. Leber’s students: nothing to drop-off; some families will receive an email if they have items for pick-up

Please come to the Back Loop any time from 9 AM to 3:30 PM!

Thank you for reading the important message sent by our Superintendent Greg Hetrick on Friday, December 4th about the Stay-at-Home Order that began last night in our County.  Because this order does not change anything for schools, this does not change OUESD Remote Learning and it does not change our Pick-Up/Drop-Off Day at this time.

The next such day will be Weds. 1/6/2021.

Today, Mon. 12/7, will be the last day for the Friends of Oakley food and toy donations, to which Vintage families have been so generously contributing!  Please donate to the large cardboard donation bins in front of the glass door of the main office by 5 PM today.

A big thank you to our newest parent members of School Site Council, who began their 2-year terms last week:

  • Patricia Espinoza (1st grade parent)
  • Veronica Houck (3rd grade parent)
  • Alvena Raiford Smith (Kinder and 2nd grade parent)
  • Stephanie Raygoza (3rd grade parent)
  • Briana Wood (2nd grade parent)

Our Gratitude Challenge continues this week and next (please see the December 1st email from our School Counseling Staff).  Please continue to email your gratitude submissions to Ms. Tiffannie Montaque-Jenkins or Ms. Leilani Liu or you may drop them off in the green bins during this Wednesday’s Pick-Up/Drop-Off Day.

As always, check out last Friday’s Splash Ticket drawing on our school YouTube page as our students continue to Be Safe, Be Responsible and Be Respectful during remote learning! 

Thank you!
David Foldvary, Principal

“Every Child deserves a Champion, an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best they can possibly be”.         

Congratulations Mrs. Reinders, Teacher of the 2019-20 Year!                  

Kathy Reinders is that Champion. She builds relationships with students and their families in a positive way. Her students adore her and work hard in her classroom each day. She instills values of respect, responsibility and kindness. Mrs. Reinders believes in inclusive practices and utilizes various learning strategies such as visual, auditory and kinesthetic supports to ensure all students access the lessons and curriculum. Mrs. Reinders is always looking for ways to expand her learning and implements new methods to increase student engagement and learning. She is part of a collaborative grade level team, she is a Mind Up lead, teaches at our family engagement events, attends PTA events, and PTA Board meetings as a teacher representative. We are honored to have Kathy Reinders as our Vintage Parkway Teacher of the Year.



Vintage Parkway Elementary School is a grade K-5 school built and opened in 1992. It is nestled in a picturesque setting overlooking the Delta. Vintage Parkway Elementary School is proud to be home of the Dolphins. We strive for educational excellence and are committed to making each of our students successful.

We celebrate our students’ accomplishments. We offer an Early Literacy Program, Title I Program, before-and after-school intervention classes to assist our students in reaching academic excellence, as well as adult education classes in English, parenting and nutrition.

Vintage Parkway has approximately 540 students and 23 teachers. The facility has 27 classrooms; a library with a computer lab; a support services building; a multi-use room, complete with stage, theatrical lighting and an upgraded sound system; various sports facilities; and special education classrooms.

We have been utilizing technology in the Kindergarten through 5th classrooms via Google Classroom and the use of Chromebooks and Kindle Fires. In addition, our students in grades 3-5 attend weekly technology classes to learn typing skills, word processing and many other educational uses. We will continue to integrate technology into the classrooms in the next few years.

Throughout the school year, we celebrate with special days such as Literature Day, Harvest Carnival, Winter Wonderland, Spirit Days, Multi-Cultural Walk, and Family Day. We have a Student Leadership Club with fourth- and fifth-grade students who provide school-spirit activities and service to the school and community. We also use the Conflict Management Program. We have selected 4th and 5th graders who have been trained to facilitate small student conflicts. Our school has after-school interventions in the areas of math, computer science, social emotional learning, language arts, homework and reading assistance.

Thank you for your continued home/ school partnership.

Principal, Vintage Parkway